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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 28th March 2007


Mrs Benning took the chair: Mr Carter was absent, all other committee members were present, with a further 17 society members in attendance.


Mr Parr asked that the previous minutes of the AGM were amended to read that he had asked if improvements to houses covered all properties, as some houses did not have R C D units, or new type consumer units fitted. Mrs Benning explained that if someone reports a problem, then we have to carry out the work that is needed to bring the property up to standard.

Minutes of the previous AGM were then confirmed and signed. Proposed by Mr Gaten and seconded by Mrs Goodwin.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

Chairman’s Report

The chairman commenced by saying that we had achieved our aim financially, and Ross Mee would be giving his report shortly.

It will soon be law that any landlord holding a bond has to safeguard the amount through a deposit or insurance scheme. We are doing this through the National Landlords Association at a cost of £84.50 for the five year period per bond.

We have found it necessary to use a health and safety consultant Mr Robin Nye to advise us and carry out safety checks, as we do not have the in depth knowledge required. But Mr Nye was impressed with the work that the secretary had already done.

We are continuing are policy of replacing exterior doors in the painting programme and will continue in 2007.

You may be aware that some tenants have had bogus callers; you will be informed by the secretary prior to any work being carried out on your property if contractors will be calling.

On empty properties we now remove any trees found to be diseased, damaged or likely to cause a problem to the house. We also take down sheds, lean to’s and garages. If left they become the responsibility of Anchor Tenants and this would be an added cost to the estate in future maintenance.

Mrs Benning continued by informing the meeting of Succession of Tenancy. By law a person has no right to a second succession of tenancy e.g. if a tenant dies the surviving spouse/partner re relative can take on the tenancy. This is the first succession of tenancy. Should there be a relative residing at the property they would have no right of occupation on the death of that tenant, as this is classed as the second succession of tenancy.

The committee of the day would have to decide whether or not to grant a new tenancy to that person. This would mean bringing the property up to date and a new rent being set.

We have consulted our solicitors on this and a letter regarding succession of tenancy is on file in the office should anyone wish to see it.

Mrs Benning finished her report by saying that she hoped that people had noticed the foyer as they came in. The walls have been newly plastered and decorated, some old photographs of the estate have been put up, and also a clock outside the front door, this has replaced the original one that some of the members may remember.

This concluded the chairman’s report which was proposed by Mrs Gaten and seconded by Mr C Newcombe.

Result of the Ballot

The results were:

As there were two positions, to fill Mrs Benning and Mr Ridgway were invited to join the committee.

Mrs Benning thanked everyone that had voted, and also thanked Mr Gaten and Mr L Pierce for acting as scrutineers.

Auditor’s Report

Mr Mee began his report by saying that there had been no rent increase, but empty properties had generated more revenue once they had been re let on an increased rent, this had raised £3,000 and the hall rental a further £5,000. Management expenses had gone up, this was due to increased hours, but most other expenses had stayed much the same.

Continual repairs and maintenance of properties had taken up most of the budget; there was a small surplus of £770.00 after tax. Mr Mee concluded that the money in the bank gives the estate a comfort zone for any unforeseen expense that may occur, and that the state is in a very satisfactory position.

Mr Gaten asked if the lighting bill had increased, or does it cover other things, Mr Mee explained that the increase cost was due to previous estimate billing, which had now been read and paid to date.

Mrs Gaten proposed the accounts were accepted as a true record and Mrs Newcombe seconded this. Mr C Newcombe then proposed the re-election of Godkin & Co Ltd. As auditors for the coming year; this was seconded by Mr Gaten.


Mrs Benning said that as no one had submitted any names, the committee would appoint the arbitrators for the coming year.

Remuneration of Committee

Mr Newcombe proposed that the committee fee be increased to £2.00 per meeting; this was seconded by Mr A Newcombe.

General Business

Mr C Newcombe asked if the nursery in Laburnum Road was still being use, the chairman informed him that rent was still being paid.

Mrs Gaten asked if names of people who had passed away during the year could be read out before the minute’s silence.

Mrs Goodwin wanted to know if the sale of the United Reformed Church was any nearer. Mrs Benning said that we were not involved directly with the sale, but we had heard that it was progressing and hopefully will be completed soon. Mrs Osborne added that we had wrote to the church asking if they could tidy up the grounds as it was in a terrible state, as yet nothing has been done.

Mrs Newcombe brought up the terrible state of the land in Lilac Avenue, and voiced her opinion that if it was at the bottom of a committee person’s garden then something would be done. Mrs Benning informed the meeting that the committee had spent many hours discussing what the land could be used for, but each suggestion i.e. caravan storage, car parking, memorial garden, had been met by opposition from some tenants. She asked that if anyone had any suggestions then they please let the committee know. Mr Newcombe asked if we could build bungalows for tenants who would like to move from a house. This had been raised several times before, but as explained the estate would have to take out a loan to cover building costs. There would have to be a rent increase to cover the loan, the committee felt that the tenants would not be prepared to do this.

Mrs Cook suggested that garages should be put on the land, Mr Newcombe suggested allotments, Mrs Goodwin said that it should be cleared regularly, Mrs Benning again asked for ideas.

Mrs Newcombe said that the land known as the nursery in Laburnum Road is also overgrown. Mrs Benning informed the meeting that the present tenant would have to leave it as it had been found.

Mr M Potterton suggested a children’s play area on the estate, Mrs Vernon also agreed that this would be a good idea.

Mrs Goodwin pointed out that she already has problems with children gathering outside her house.

Mrs Cook stated that she thinks that it is terrible that her grandchildren can not be made shareholders as their parents do not live on the estate. Mrs Benning explained that there is a long housing list, so it was decided that only children of current tenants could be made shareholders.

Mrs Newcombe said that there are a lot of names on the list who would never accept a house.

Mrs Proud suggested that if the refuse a certain amount of times then they should be taken off the list.

Mr A Newcombe brought up the question of succession of tenancy; Mrs Goodwin said that all tenants should be made aware of this. Mrs Benning stated that tenants could be informed in a newsletter if it was felt necessary.

Mr A Newcombe also brought to the attention of the meeting that the estate had left a flue liner in his chimney, and the estate had refused to fit a chimney pot. Mrs Benning said that this was standard practise, but it would be looked into.

Mrs Cook informed the meeting that she was still having problems with people banging the gates when leaving the backway. It was suggested that a “Please do not bang Gates” sign be put up.

Mrs Benning went on to thank Mr E Gaten and Mr L Pierce for acting as election scrutineers.

This concluded the business of the meeting and Mrs Benning thanked the members for their attendance before declaring the meeting closed at 8.10pm.

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