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Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting held on Wednesday 27th October 2010


Mrs Benning took the chair; apologies from Mrs Osborne, all other committee members were present, with a further 17 society members present.


Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed. Proposed by Mrs J Goodwin and seconded by Miss J Gamble.

Matters Arising


Chairman’s Report

Mrs Benning began her report by informing the meeting that Anthea Sheppard had resigned from the committee due to work and family commitments; she felt that she could not give the time necessary. She then said that she would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Sheppard for her contribution as a committee member.

The estate will be taking over the servicing and maintenance of all central heating systems from the 1st February 2011. This decision was prompted due to a change in regulations and advice from Gas Safe, relating to landlords responsibilities.

The estate is in the process of taking back a property under section 21.

We have one empty property at the moment, which is not yet ready to be let. We have been fortunate that we have not had too many properties becoming empty, but the year is not out.

There are two allotments available, one in Lilac Avenue and one in Laburnum Road, should anyone feel energetic enough to take one on. If interested, please contact the secretary.

It is a year since Mick Warden joined us and he is proving to be an asset to the maintenance team.

Lastly there is a possibility that there may be a rent increase next year.

This concluded the chairman’s report.

Nominations for the committee

Nominations are Mrs Creese, Mr Gee and Mr Pawson. As there are three vacancies and three nominations, a ballot will not be required.

General Business

Mrs Cook inquired what she should do regarding the contract for service and maintenance that she had with British Gas for her central heating system. She was informed that she would be able to cancel this. Mr Gee said that the estate is taking over repairs and servicing of all central heating systems. Mr Pawson said that tenants were being informed prior to 1st February 2011 to give them time to cancel any contracts they have.

Mr Willmin asked if people without central heating would now be offered it. Mrs Benning said unfortunately the estate could not install heating in occupied properties at this time.

Mr Fraser asked what a section 21 was. Mrs Benning explained that this means the estate can take a property back. This clause is in all Shorthold Assured Tenancy Agreements. She went on to say that this is something that the committee do not like doing. This is only the second property that the society has had to take back, but there has been good reason for taking this action.

Mrs C Hill asked if her husband, not being a shareholder could come to a meeting. Mrs Benning said that he could attend, but not be able to say anything. Mr Pawson said that he could speak at a meeting by proxy of another shareholder.

Mrs C Hill asked if spouses could become shareholders, Mrs Benning said that we do not make new shareholders at this time. Mrs Hill asked if there would be anyway of that changing. Mrs Benning said that she could write in and the committee would discuss it, but she could not give her an answer at this point. She went on to say that if someone wants to know something they should write in and it would be discussed an

Mr Willmin said that he has noticed that solar panels were being fitted in the new houses being built at the end of Laburnum Road; he wondered if the committee had given any thought to this. A discussion then took place regarding the cost and benefits of fitting solar panels. Mrs Benning said that as there seems to be some interest the committee would look into this.

Mrs P Smith asked what would be happening to Anthea’s position on the committee. Mrs Benning explained that the position had another year to run and would be filled when it is up for re-election.

This concluded the business of the meeting and Mrs Benning thanked members for their attendance, before declaring the meetings closed at 7.20pm.

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