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The End of an Era!

Susan and Ian

On Friday the 30th of October 2020 Mrs Susan Swann, our secretary for over 17 years, retired.

A presentation to mark this event was held in the morning at Laburnum Hall. Due to the current covid restrictions this had to be limited to 6 people.

The occasion was also used to mark Mr Ian Pawson's retirement from the committee after 43 years continuous service.

Anchor Tenants chairman, Mr Tony Gee, opened the event with the following speech (unusually concise i.e. short!):-


This is a sad day on which we say goodbye to two very important people. Firstly Susan who after 17 years of dedicated service to Anchor Tenants and its shareholders is about to retire. Your work here truly made a lasting impact and one that changed Anchor tenants for the better in so many ways. The main thing that I will remember you for is the fact that I could serve on the committee knowing that the running of the estate was in good and capable hands. Your dedication to Anchor Tenants and its members will not be forgotten. We will miss you very much and we wish you the very best in retirement. Thanks for everything. We would like you to accept this small gift as a token of our appreciation.


What can one say about Ian? That's going to be difficult without swearing (only joking Ian). How can one compress 43 years of dedicated service, into a few words? I remember a film called 'Rebel Without A Cause', from many years ago. Well Ian was a rebel with a cause and that cause was Anchor Tenants and its continuation.

Your knowledge of the history and rules of Anchor Tenants became essential to the survival of our community. Your contribution to the committee meetings was invaluable. Wednesday evenings will certainly be less exciting. We cannot fail to mention how your computer expertise saved us many hours of work and help bring the office procedures into the 21st century. And all this on a diet of pork pies and cheese. Please accept this small gift to show our appreciation of all you have done.

The cakes
Strawberry cake Orange cake
Tony doing what Tony does best!
Tony takes a bite Tony and cake
The people
Susan enjoying the cake Ian with a pie

Pictures by Mrs Creese and Mr Pawson

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