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Smoke alarms

When a property is re-wired, two mains powered smoke alarms are fitted. These are usually AICO Ei141 models. This is an ionisation type with a replaceable alkaline battery.

Please read the information below to find out how to operate and maintain them.

Regular checks

View the unit

Changing the battery

Change the battery

It is recommend that the battery is replaced at least every three years.

Removing the unit

Locate the slot

Locate the arrow on the front face of the alarm. The slot is located directly above the arrow.

Insert screwdriver

Insert a flat bladed screwdriver horizontally approx. 1cm into the centre of the removal slot.

Slide unit off base

With the screwdriver still inserted, push the lower half of the alarm away from the screwdriver, in the direction of the arrow on the cover.

Slide the unit off the base

Hold the lower half of the alarm and remove from the base plate by moving it vertically downwards.

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